Bathmate Hercules Crystal Clear

Bathmate Hercules Crystal Clear


Bathmate Pump as seen on TV Tosh.O.

Bathmate Pump.

Real Bathmate Pump Review and Bathmate experience.

Find out whether Bathmate Pump really works only here! Bathmate Hercules is available in three colors: Aqua Blue, Brilliant Red and Crystal Clear.

Each sold separately.

What is Bathmate Hercules? You can think of Bathmate Hercules as Bathmate's bigger brother! It has the same quality, but, you get extra inches with it.

So, this device is for men who are already hung but want to be even bigger, and to go head to head with porn stars.

Actually, today, Bathmate Hercules is used by many adult performers as they do not necessarily need the extra gain, but they need their penis to be healthy and strong, and naturally, always deliver explosive ejaculations that mesmerize the audience.

What are Bathmate Hercules specifications? Naturally, the bigger brother is nevertheless high quality, polycarbonate, stainless steel and skin safe rubber being used to create it.

When it comes to sheer dimensions, the Hercules is weighing at 250 grams and has a girth that starts from 24 and goes up to 84.

The length, however, goes up to 8.26 inches or almost 21 cm which is impressive for 90% of the ladies out there nevertheless.

So, if you want to get even bigger and be on the edge of hung, or you simply find that the standard Bathmate is not enough, then Bathmate Hercules is the answer to your problems! The Benefits of Bathmate: Increase your penis length.

Increase your penis thickness.

Gain volume quickly.

Boost your self confidence.

Straighten out bent penises.

Enlarges your penis head.

Helps you last longer in bed.

Bathmate Hercules Brilliant Crystal Clear from Health World.

Made by Bathmate in the UK.


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