Scandal Bed Restraints

Scandal Bed Restraints
Scandal Bed Restraints
Scandal Bed Restraints


From California Exotic Novelties new Scandal line.

Everybody wants to be a little naughty.

Bed restraints immobility can heighten ones sensations of touch and feel.

Adjustable bed tethers wrap up from under a mattress or from around a bed post to bind a submissive partner via wrist and ankle.

Scandal Bed Restraints extensions and tethers.

Each measures 60 inches long.

Includes totally adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs.

Soft and plushy on one side, with designer fabric on the other.

Four sturdy, adjustable tethers with O-rings and swivel clasp design.

May be used under any bed or as individual tethers.

Extension tether included to accommodate oversize beds.

Safe and pure for body and pleasure.

Made using phthalate free, non-toxic materials.

Polyester fabric, Polypropylene PP straps, Nickel free iron ring, POM buckles.

Extensions and tethers: 60 inches each.

Bulk weight 17.1 ounces.

Instructions on the back of package in five different languages: English, German, Spanish, Russian, French.

Category: More Fun, Fetish, Cuffs & Restraints.

Scandal is a registered trademark for California Exotic Novelties.

Sex toys and sexual wellness.


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